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عنوان:Hot Springs of Iran

تاریخ انتشار:۲۳/۱۰/۹۶


چشمه های آب گرم ایران

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چشمه های آب گرم ایران

Hot Springs of Iran

jahanegadesh- Some benefits of soaking in hot springs are helping blood circulation, de-stressing, relieving chronic pain and solving skin conditions. With all these therapeutic benefits, how could you not want to make your way to a hot spring especially while you’re traveling around Iran, the country of natural hot springs.

Here are the address of some natural hot springs of Iran with charming scenery and their noticeable feature.

*Morteza-Ali canyon, in Tabas –South Khorasan, is home to much of hot springs. This canyon with both hot and cold water, has created a wonderful tourist attraction in the heart of the desert of Iran. It’s considered as hydrotherapy tourist attraction.


*Dig-e-Rostam is another hot spring in Tabas. It’s the result of volcanic activities and the place is covered by black stones. There are palm trees all around. This hot spring is great for relieving rheumatic pains.

*Hajiabad Hot Springs are the best health destination in Hormozgan. These springs are located along Bandar Abbas Road to Hajiabad on a hillside. Solving skin condition is one of the reasons to visit Hajiabad.

*Ahram hot spring in Ahram-Bushehr, is one of the hydrotherapy places that is useful for relieving skin diseases, cold, bruising, and kidney diseases. It’s located on the slopes of the mountain.

*Sareyn in Ardabil- Iran is known for its hot springs. There are nine hot springs in this city. The population is about ۸۰۰۰, and increases to more than ۲۰۰۰۰ in the summer due to its charming climate. Hot springs of Sareyn are near an inactive volcano in Mount Sabalan and its water contains sulfur particles and it is believed that it relieves bone and joint pains.

There are ۳۵۰ hot springs in Iran due to volcanic activities. Most of them dispersed in Zagros and Alborz mountains. Mainly hot springs of Iran are located in Ardabil, hormuzgan, Larijan and Ramsar.If you can’t make it to these cities, don’t worry, you can also find health benefits of hydrotherapy in other cities of Iran.

Undoubtedly, the existence of these natural springs as special tourism capacities can provide a suitable and economical ground for attracting foreign tourists, especially from Europe and Persian Gulf countries.

Written by Zobeideh Fakhraee

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